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Why I love KnockoutJS

I love KnockoutJS. Aside from SQL, no technology I've encountered has inspired me quite to the level Knockout has. There's a captivating elegance to it's simplicity, and by proxy the ease in which you can learn it. And despite it's simplistic nature, it can transform JavaScript previously bound for spaghetti-town into artful solutions. It is my tool of choice for any project, of any scale, requiring any JavaScript. It enforces organization (components, custom bindings, extensions) without imposing conventions.


Knockout is a data-centric JavaScript library, enabling you to bind data to your DOM. At it's core, this is all Knockout does. Exposing a simple pub/sub concept, dubbed an "observable" (there is of course much more to it). Using the observable enables you to build reactive client-side applications with minimal effort.

What Knockout isn’t:

What Knockout is:

As someone who uses Knockout daily, I am admittedly biased toward the advantages of the small-but-mighty library. But the power in the small concepts it exposes, are undeniably amazing. I highly recommend giving it a self.peek() on your next project.